Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Examination of Harberger, Laursen and Metzler effect in Economy of Iran by ARDL Approach            0000-00-00
2    An Investigation for tourism’s revenue effect on economic growth(A comparative study for a selected of developing and developed countries)    M.Sc.    eizi, zahra    2012-04-11
3    The Examination of the Effect of Competition in Banking Sector on Banks Stability    M.Sc.    pustin chi, mojtaba    2013-04-21
4    Investigation of Effective Soci-Economic Factors on the Life Expectancy in Iran    M.Sc.    Taheri Bazkhane, Saleh    2013-07-16
5    Estimation and forecasting energy carriers demand in transport sector    M.Sc.    Gorjipour, Mohammad javad    2014-05-21
6    A comparative study on effect of energy consumption and economic growth on CO2 emission in a number of developing and developed countries    M.Sc.    aliniya kalateh, shahla    2014-06-07
7    Estimation of water demand function in the industrial sector - Mashhad    M.Sc.    mohajeri, masoud    2014-06-14
8    Determinant factors of crude oil price in NYMEX crude oil futures contracts    M.Sc.    abdollah abady, samaneh    2014-06-16
9    A survey of the role of income and interest rate in determining urban house prices In Iran During 1370-1392    M.Sc.    hassani, javad    2014-11-16
10    Ranking the level of development of the cities of South Khorasan, compared with the national average    M.Sc.    delavari, ebrahim    2014-11-24
11    survey of demand for life insurance in Asia insurance co. Khorasan Razavi State    M.Sc.    ayubi, mahmood    2015-08-04
12    Investigating and comparing the urbanization effect on fuel consumption in the transportation sector in high and low income provinces in Iran    M.Sc.    maghsoodi, mahjoobe    2016-06-05
13    The Examination of the Effect of Market Structure in Banking sector on Access to credit of Industry and Mining Sector    M.Sc.    mansouri, ali    2016-06-21
14    Investigation of the effect of urban residential density on fuel consumption in the transport sector in the Iran provinces    M.Sc.    shafiey tavandary, fateme    2016-06-28
15    An Economic Analysis of Supply of Handicrafts in Mashhad and Solutions for its Expansion    M.Sc.    shakeri, fateme    2016-07-10
16    An Investigation to the Threshold Exchange rate Pass Through to Consumer Price Indexs ، Import and Export in Iran    Ph.D    pezham, seyedmahdi    2017-08-21